Know Who You Are

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Souls come with a mission to fulfill on the earth plane.  We have chosen our experience on the earth plane, we chose our teachers, we have to clear karmic debts incurred in previous lifetimes and we have life lessons to master.  This course will help you to determine your soul mission and what you are here to fulfill.  Register for the free virtual course to know who you are.

Who Are You

Whom are you supposed to be, and what mission are you sent to do?  Each soul chooses an experience on earth, which bloodline you will be born from, who will your parents be.  It is important to choose our names, and this comes through our parents through a dream, vision or as an idea.  What life lessons are you meant to be master.

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Where Do You Come From

Which constellation governs you, who are your cosmic ancestors. What time will you be born, what personality traits must you have to be properly aligned with your purpose.


What Is Your Purpose

Everyone comes to the earth plane with a mission to fulfill.  We choose when are we going to be spiritually awakened without the help of anyone or spirit, you choose your spiritual master and also whom you will meet in your lifetime to help you master your life lessons.

What Is Your Purpose